Sunday Readings : Year C : : for the Divine OfficePsalter: IV
Weekday Reading : Year II 
TODAYWE Welcome Fr Bello 
HYMNS (Celebration for Everyone)
22 - All people that on earth do dwell, 
59 - At the name of Jesus 
77 - Because the Lord is my shepherd 
678 - Take our bread, we ask you 
357 - Let all the world in every corner sing 
First Reading :Acts 13:14, 43-52 : Psalm 99: Second Reading :Apocalypse 7:9, 14-17 : Gospel : John 10:27-30
Monday 13 May**No Mass
Our Lady of Fatima 
Tuesday 14 May**10 am Mass & Rosary
Wednesday 15 May**No Mass
Thursday 16 May**No Mass
Friday 17 May**No Mass
Saturday 18 May12 noon Solemn Mass
S John I, Pope & Martyr 
SUNDAY 19 May10.30 am Morning Prayer
Fifth Sunday of Easter11 am SOLEMN MASS
The induction of Fr Philip Corbett as priest-in-charge of All Saints and 
St Michael’s Ladbroke Grove will take place on Saturday 20 July at 3 
pm. Please keep Fr Philip in your prayers 
This week is Christian Aid Week– Envelopes have been handed out to  
you with this notice sheet. Please fill and return them to Nigel Dean  
either today or next Sunday 
MAY is the month of the Mary. Throughout this month the Rosary will  
be said after Mass at All Saints every Tuesday for approximately 25 minutes. 
Jennifer Alleyne was elected as PCC member for 2019-2021. 
Saturday 18 May – Society of Mary’s Annual May Devotion will  
begin with Solemn Pontifical Mass at St Silas Kentish Town at 12 
noon. Further details from Ross 
Monday 27 May – Ross is organising a coach to the Walsingham  
National Pilgrimage at which Rt Rev Justin Welby, Archbishop of  
Canterbury will preach. Please speak to him if you are interested or  
wish to reserve a space 
Pilgrimage to Christens Acre - We have been invited to visit to our  
chapel and guest-house in Sweden from 04 to 09 July to celebrate the  
45th anniversary of Fr Brownsell’s ordination as a priest and Sr Gerd’s 
institution as a deaconess. Could those interested please speak to Ross 
TODAY as we need to sort out flights 
Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage will take place on 29 July to 02 
August. This is an excellent opportunity for those from 11 to 18 years 
to experience the benefits of the shrine. We hope to run a coach from  
London. If you are interested, please speak to Ross as soon as possible 
Donations at the back of church to the North Paddington Food Bank 
will be gratefully received. Please can they be restricted to non- 
perishable food stuffs and toiletries 
Forms are available on request from the Churchwardens 
and will be given out from next week. Each person on the  
present Electoral Roll must make a new application if he or she  
wishes to be included on the new Roll as names CANNOT be  
carried over from the old Roll. Anyone not on the present Roll  
who wishes to be included on the new Roll and fulfils the  
requirements is welcome to apply. Inclusion on the Roll is the  
qualification to attend, participate and vote at the Annual  
Parochial Church Meeting or be nominated for any office. 
We are very grateful to those who make donations at the back of  
church to the North Paddington Food Bank. Please can they  
be restricted to non-perishable food stuffs and toiletries. 
WALSINGHAM (July 2019) – If anyone is interested in going on a 
weekend pilgrimage to this famous shrine, please speak to Ross. Early 
booking is essential. 
OBERAMMERGAU (September 2020) – Fr Brownsell is organising a  
group to see this famous Passion Play which takes place every ten  
years. Please speak to Ross if you are interested or want more details 
Useful free on-line training in child safeguarding is provided for everyone by the London Diocese.  
Please speak to Rosalind Topping if you would like to access this. 
ELECTROL ROLL : Is your name entered on our Roll of members with your contact details ? 
RefreshmentsThe churchwardens are very grateful to members of the All 
Saints family who from time to time generously provide  
hospitality after Sunday mass. If you wish to do so, could you 
please inform Marcia Haynes or Ross Buchanan 
First Aid Training : We are hoping to arrange a simple training session of a couple of hours on a 
Saturday. Anyone interested please speak to Marcia. 
Dates for your Diary 
If you would like some Bible Notes on the regular weekday readings please speak to Sharon Fergus.  
They can be ordered on a monthly basis. 
If anyone has a small amount of time to undertake light gardening  
for a local cancer sufferer, please speak to Gladvin Allen. 

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