Second Sunday in Advent 10 -17 Dec 2017
Sunday Readings : Year A :(Gospel of Matthew) : for the Divine OfficePsalter: Week 2 of Advent
Weekday Reading : Year A 
HYMNS (Celebration for Everyone)
735 - Drop down, ye heavens, from above, 
255 - Hills of the north, rejoice 
10 - Across the years there echoes still 
575 - On Jordan’s bank the Baptist’s cry
133 - Come, thou long-expected Jesus
First Reading :Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11 : Psalm 84 : Second Reading : 2 Peter 3:8-14 : Gospel : Mark 1:1-8
Monday 11 December**No Mass
S Damasus I, Pope 
Tuesday 12 December**10 am Mass
Our Lady of Guadalupe 
Wednesday 13 December**No Mass
S Lucy, Virgin & Martyr 
Thursday 14 December**No Mass
S John of the Cross, Priest & Doctor of the Church  
 10.30 am Funeral of Christiana Quarshie
Friday 15 December** No Mass
Saturday 16 December**No Mass
 10.30 Funeral of Steve Power
SUNDAY 17 December10.30 Morning Prayer
Please consider if you can contribute a to All Saints collection  
of poinsettias this Christmas or make a donation towards their  
cost. Please speak to Sharon Fergus 
Useful free on-line training in child safeguarding is provided for everyone by the London Diocese.  
Please speak to Rosalind Topping if you would like to access this. 
Wednesday 13 December (12.30 pm) – Churches Together in 
Notting Hill will hold its Prayer Lunch at Notting Hill  
Methodist Church, Lancaster Road. 
Thursday 14 December – Memorial Service for the victims of the Grenfell Tower Tragedy 
at St Paul’s Cathedral at 11 am. Limited number of tickets only available with photo ID 
on Monday 09 December from the Clement James Centre (9.30 am – 11.30am) or  
the Rugby Portobello Trust (10 am – 6 pm). 
Thursday 14 December – Christmas Party at Westmead (2 pm to 5pm). Everyone welcome 
Friday 15 December – Funeral of Diana Williams at 2.30 pm at St John’s Notting Hill 
Saturday 16 December – Help needed to decorate All Saints for  
Christmas from 11 am. Please speak to Ross or the Churchwardens 
Tuesday 19 December – Funeral of Denise Samantha Powell Watson at 12 noon. 
ELECTROL ROLL : Is your name entered on our Roll of members with your contact details ? 
Refreshments after Mass on Sundays are very much appreciated. Thanks in a large part to Marcia Haynes 
for her generosity and hard work. If you would like to contribute (or sponsor) the refreshments on a particular Sunday - 
perhaps to mark a special occasion, anniversary or a birthday - please speak to Marcia Haynes. 
First Aid Training : We are hoping toarrange a simple training session of a couple of hours on a 
Saturday. Anyone interested please speak to Marcia. 
Dates for your Diary 
There is a possibility of setting up a saving scheme towards the cost of future pilgrimages. 
Please speak to Ross if you are interested, a system of payment by instalments may be setup. 
9-16 May 2018 A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  
Brochures and booking forms at the back of church or contact Fr Brownsell 
If you would like some Bible Notes on the regular weekday readings please speak to Sharon Fergus.  
They can be ordered on a monthly basis. 
If anyone has a small amount of time to undertake light gardening  
for a local cancer sufferer, please speak to Gladvin Allen. 

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