Week 15 of Ordinary Time15 – 22 July 2018
Sunday Readings : Year B : : for the Divine OfficePsalter: III
Weekday Reading : Year II 
560 - O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness! 
812 - Will you come and follow me if I but call your name 
632 - Seed, scattered and sown 
302 - In bread we bring you, Lord 
139 - Glory to theee, Lord God! 
First Reading :Amos 7:12-15 : Psalm 84: Second Reading : Ephesians 1:3-14 : Gospel : Mark 6:7-13
Monday 16 July**No Mass
Our Lady of Mount Carmel 
Tuesday 17 July*10 am Mass
Wednesday 18 July 
Thursday 19 July 
Friday 20 July**No Mass
S Apollinaris, Bishop & Martyr 
Saturday 21 July**No Mass
S Lawrence of Brindisi, Priest & Doctor of the Church 
SUNDAY 22 July10.30 Morning Prayer
TODAY – Meeting of Eucharistic ministers to discuss pastoral care after Mass 
Mia Motley, first female Prime Minister of Barbados, has written to All 
Saints thanking us for our congratulations on her election. Copy of the 
letter will be at the back of church. 
Tuesday 17 July – Standing Committee of the Parochial Church 
Council will meet at 7.30 pm. 
Wednesday 18 July – London Diocesan Assembly of Forward in  
Faith will meet at Old St Pancras Church. Includes Mass at 6.30 pm  
followed by tour of the historic churchyard 
Saturday 28 July – Mothers’ Union will be holding a Fashion Show &  
Dance (7 to 11 pm). Tickets (including food & soft drinks) available 
from MU members at £12.50 (£5 for children under 16). 
Saturday 04 August - Annual Richborough Mass will take place at S  
Albans Abbey at 12 noon. Afterwards everyone is invited to bring a  
picnic to the nearby Bishop's garden where drinks will be provided 
Further details from Ross Buchanan 
Wednesday 15 August – High Mass of the Assumption will be 
celebrated at All Saints Margaret Street at 6.30 pm followed by 
Procession of Our Lady in Oxford Street. Preacher: Fr Simon Cuff 
who has celebrate and preached here over the past year 
Saturday 18 August – Marcia Haynes is organising her annual outing 
to Southend. Tickets £20. Please speak to her to reserve a place. 
Friday 14 September – We will be holding a Solemn Mass at 7.30 pm 
to celebrate the contribution made to All Saints by those who 
emigrated from the Caribbean and their families. Details to follow 
If possible, please remember to make donations to the Food Bank. 
Collection bin is at the back of church and is regularly emptied. 
HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE has been rescheduled to 28 November to 05 December 
Brochures are at the back of church giving details. Please speak 
to Ross if you are interested and particularly if you have already paid a deposit. 
OBERAMMERGAU (September 2020) – Fr Brownsell is organising a  
group to see this famous Passion Play which takes place every ten  
years. Please speak to Ross if you are interested or want more details 
Useful free on-line training in child safeguarding is provided for everyone by the London Diocese.  
Please speak to Rosalind Topping if you would like to access this. 
ELECTROL ROLL : Is your name entered on our Roll of members with your contact details ? 
Refreshments after Mass on Sundays are very much appreciated. Thanks in a large part to Marcia Haynes 
for her generosity and hard work. If you would like to contribute (or sponsor) the refreshments on a particular Sunday - 
perhaps to mark a special occasion, anniversary or a birthday - please speak to Marcia Haynes. 
First Aid Training : We are hoping to arrange a simple training session of a couple of hours on a 
Saturday. Anyone interested please speak to Marcia. 
Dates for your Diary 
If you would like some Bible Notes on the regular weekday readings please speak to Sharon Fergus.  
They can be ordered on a monthly basis. 
If anyone has a small amount of time to undertake light gardening  
for a local cancer sufferer, please speak to Gladvin Allen. 

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