Services at All Saints

All Saints maintains a strong modern Anglo-catholic tradition. The style of the liturgy practised seeks to embrace all aspects of contemporary catholic worship, both eucharistic and non eucharistic, which in turn reflects our worshipping community.

SUNDAYS Morning Prayer 10.30am
SUNG MASS 11.00am
Daily services Office of Readings 9.15am (followed by silence)
Morning Prayer 9.45am
MASS 10.00am
Evening Prayer 6.00pm
FRIDAYS Morning offices and mass as above
Evening Prayer 7.45pm


The musical tradition today is congregational in style lead by a singing group and/or cantor. Other instruments are occasionally used in addition to the organ - for example, guitar, 'cello, piano, steel-pan and flute. We use a variety of hymns and songs from the English Hymnal, Celebration for Everyone, Hymns Old and New, Mission Praise, English Catholic Hymn Book, Sacred Songs and Solos, as well as various mass settings, and other pieces of music for special occasions.

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